Kalagi is a town located in the Western Division of The Gambia. According to a 2009 census they estimate around 825 inhabitants live there. Our main work is with the Kalagi Lower Basic and Kindergarten schools. These fall under the jurisdiction of the Foni Jarroi district and were established in 1968. The children's backgrounds are poor but they are enthusiastic about school, though they do lack a lot of basic supplies.
Our work has been in supplying such basic items as pens, paper, counters and other such educational aids to date.

The school currently has a rudimentary library, but there is a need for more books to stock their shelves. We aim to provide a stock of books direct from the UK to form an ongoing resource that will benefit current pupils and future children attending the schools.

The management and teachers are encouraged by the district authorities to establish relationships with potential donors from overseas and this is precisely how we got involved in 1993 when visiting the Gambia for a holiday. There already exists a network of support for many schools in Gambia from a multitude of different organizations, but we currently are specifically helping in Kalagi. We are also trying to establish a small market garden alongside the schools in order to grow vegetables so that the children can have these as a supplement to their one 'good' meal a day. Your donations and our help to date has also enabled a small bakery to built to aid in the children's nourishment. read more

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The weather though not technically speaking a partner in our work is however something that we have to work with in realising our aims. When the rain comes it makes it almost impossible to reach Kalagi by car, so our work and getting aid to these children is very much influenced and controlled by the weather.

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