Nursery School fees for a year (6.00 GBP each)

If you have been looking at other sites you will have found that there are many variations for these fees, some Nursery schools charge a small fee for each term, maybe 2.50, some may charge a little more, but during Nursery and Primary schooling the main costs are clothing, and school equipment. Nothing is provided FREE (Some schools are sponsored by Gambian businesses or by tourist organisations or charities and at these, there may be FREE uniform or books.) These differences make it hard for sponsors who will be told different things by different people.

All schooling except Islamic school is carried out in English. In Nursery/Primary classes the children learn their numbers, how to count, learn the days of the week the months of the year. Much is done through rhymes and rhythms with the better children in each grade leading the class. The quality depends on the resources of the individual school, some have desks and chairs most have benches. Most have a board of some sort on the wall some have nothing. Some have toilets for the children some just have holes in the ground, it depends on the luck that the school has had with sponsorship and that often depends on the enterprise of the head and their staff.

The above information has been sourced from Gambia Tourist Support

The Nursery school fees cost 6.00 GBP. If you want to donate to the cost of one or more fees - please click the button below that will take you to a secure server by Charity Choice and the Co-Operative Bank plc and fill in the necessary details

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