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This is possibly the most emotive and heart tugging aspect of the geographical discrepencies of this world, and the socio-political arguments that go with it. I think that the answers given to this element by the SOS Childrens Village charity explains it nicely.

May we write to and visit the children we sponsor?

We always welcome letters to the children and the children always like getting letters. We can also help with translations, where necessary. However, we do not make children reply to every letter or write a thankyou letter for every gift. Some children do so themselves and sometimes they correspond frequently with sponsors, especially if they speak the same langauge.

We have thought a lot about this, and realise in general that this is the polite thing to do in English society. But our primary concern is the welfare and happiness of the child and we would like the child to feel the love and support they are getting is unconditional. Also a mother with ten children to care for does not always have the chance to sit down with each one and help them write a letter.It is also possible to visit the village, although we do not wish to turn our villages into a kind of zoo - the privacy of all the children in our care and their right to a normal upbringing will always remain our priority.

The above information has been sourced from SOS Chidrens Villages

The cost of sponsoring a child is 20.00 GBP. If you want to donate to the cost of one or more children - please click the button below that will take you to a secure server by Charity Choice and the Co-Operative Bank plc and fill in the necessary details

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