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My name is Richard Kirkham , and with my wife, Christine and family we are -
'Support for Gambian Village Schools' or simply "SGVS".
This is a small, primarily family based charity that operates with the "Shine Africa" orginisation that helps provide funds and materials for kindergarten and lower basic schools in Gambia.

We focus our efforts and support with the consent of "Shine Africa" in the more rural areas of Gambia and specifically Kalagi.

One of our family is the well known TV presenter Simone Bienne (seen here with some of the children in Kalagi). She feels that it is worth the time and effort in supporting these children. We have done a lot of work and helped a lot of people since we started, and you too can become a part of this. read more about our work

The reality

Education in the Gambia is a costly experience for most citizens; especially in rural areas. Girls are assisted by the government in paying their school fees. In the past, boys were far more likely to be sent to school if their parents had a bit of money, while girls had very little chance to succeed unless they came from a rich family. read more

How your support is helping - an example

Let the Headmistress of the Kalagi Kindergarten tell you herself:

"The round hut, when completed, will solve the problem of adequate shade for the children and staff during break period and other leisure hours. At the moment there is no adequate shade like this for them in school.. We would like to thank Richard Kirkham and you for your great contribution you have made to the uplifting of the status of the Kalagi ECD centre.
Kalagi ECD centre.

The Average Gross National Income per person in the Gambia is 263.00 GBP per year

World bank figures for 2008
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