We help support Nursery Schools in The Gambia by:

  • Providing finances to build or upgrade nursery schools
  • Helping to pay teachers wages each month (Nursery School teachers are not paid by the Government)
  • Providing schools with Educational equipment and Books
  • Producing visual aids for teachers and children
  • Helping with Teacher Training Courses and supporting the training of teachers at The Gambia College
  • Providing play equipment for the children
  • Providing suitable benches and tables
  • Helping support the health and safety of the pupils
  • Providing suitable toilets
  • Providing safe drinking water
  • Providing each child with a life- saving mosquito net (25% of children's lives under the age of 7 can be saved just by sleeping under a treated net)
  • Building secure fencing around the Nursery Schools

We became part of the Shine Africa Charity through our research into what was being done in the Gambia for children after our return from holidays. Ian and Glynn Jones have become really good friends and are an invaluable help for our work.

Enrolment rates at all levels of education have improved in The Gambia since 2000, but with too few qualified teachers and low staff retention levels, fewer than half of Gambian students pass standardised tests.

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In the Gambia, one of Africa's smallest and poorest countries, poverty is widespread, pervasive and predominantly rural. Half of the people living in rural areas are poor. Such factors as ethnicity or village size seem to be irrelevant to poverty, which is substantially uniform throughout the country, although pockets of deep poverty exist. In them live one third of all of the Gambia's rural poor people.

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